Ginger was born on June 2, 2006. She was found with her mother and siblings in a cardboard box in a park in the southbay. Ginger and her half-brother Julius were adopted from People and Cats Together (PACT) in Redondo Beach in November 2006. Their foster mom Marie had Julius and his immediate siblings on display when I visited the Petco store. I said that I was interested in a pair of orange tabbies so she went home and returned with Ginger. I filled out the paperwork and picked the kitties a week later after Ginger was spayed.

Ginger initally hid behind the couch when she first arrived, even hiding inside the back of the couch when it was time to go get her shots or visit the vet. After a couple of weeks, Ginger became acoustomed to her new surroundings and now has the run of the house. She usually comes out to greet strangers a few minutes after they arrive.

Ginger is a little chow hound and never misses an opportunity to eat. She enjoys playing with cat toys, pens, pencils and any other small objects she finds. Ginger enjoys chasing and wrestling with Julius.