Julius' mother and half-sister and her siblings were living in a foster home when Julius and his immediate siblings were born on September 2, 2006. Julius and Ginger were adopted from People and Cats Together (PACT) in Redondo Beach in November 2006. Their foster mom Marie had Julius and his immediate siblings on display when I visited the Petco store. I said that I was interested in a pair of orange tabbies so she went home and returned with Ginger. I filled out the paperwork and picked the kitties a week later after Ginger was spayed.

Julius, 3 months younger and smaller than Ginger quickly out grew her and now is the big boy of the family. He enjoys playing with Ginger and assorted toys, rubber bands and other small objects.

Julius enjoys rolling around on the floor and loves to sleep on his back (luckily he doesn't snore). His nickname is "Mr. Twister." Neither Julius or Ginger have ventured out doors. They do not charge the door to escape as Samantha used to do.