Samantha was with me from May, 1989 to November 2006. She and her sister Tabitha and two other siblings were brought into a co-worker's yard by their mother who looked like Samantha. They were taken in by Linda and her family and the three cats already in the family. I adopted Sam and Tab together so that they could enjoy each other's company while I was away at work.

Samantha was the brave kitty of the two. She would dash to the door when someone rang the bell while Tabitha would hide under the bed. Sam liked to explore outside and would dash out the door every chance she had. Many times she would go out the back door and down the side yard only to appear at the front door minutes later, ready to come back in the house. One of her early adventures was a a two day venture out into the neighborhood. When she returned home, she was being chased by a young Tom cat. She and Tab were spayed by the vet the next day.

Samantha was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid condition in 2004. She was eating like a horse but had lost weight and was drinking alot of water. She was treated with radioactive iodine and made a complete recovery.

Samantha passed away at home in November 2006.