Tabitha was with me from May, 1989 to September 2006. She and her sister Samantha and two other siblings were brought into a co-worker's yard by their mother who looked like Samantha. I assume that Tab looked like her father but who knows? They were taken in by Linda and her family and the three cats already in the family . I adopted Tab and Sam together so that they could enjoy each other's company while I was away at work. Tab was always the shy kitty - she hid under the bed the first two days, only coming out for a bite of food, a gulp of water and a quick visit to the littter box.

Tab would venture out into the back yard on occasion but never jumped the fence to explore the neighborhood. She enjoyed playing indoors with cat toys and her sister.

Tab suffered kidney failure in her 17th year and was put down after 10 days of care at her vet.